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Download the following sample script files to help with writing your own scripts. There are also more samples on the Web Logon Scripts page. See below for instructions on downloading the samples.

File Name Date Description
Arrays.csp 4/18/2002 Manage string and integer arrays.
BrowseCLRPages.csp 10/21/1999 Open a series of web pages in new browser windows.
BrowserLib.csp 5/21/2002 Simplify writing scripts that control a browser window.
Counter.csp 10/21/1999 Increment a counter value using a variable.
DeleteMultipleFiles.csp 6/6/2000 Delete multiple files in a single folder using wild cards.
DialogBox.csp 8/2/1999 Run a program, issue a command and enter information into a dialog box.
Dialup.csp 4/19/2000 Dial an Internet connection using Dial-Up Networking.
FedExTrack.csp 11/1/2000 Check your FedEx shipments.
FileRead.csp 6/1/2000 Read a comma-delimited text file for processing.
FileReadLines.csp 7/30/2001 Read a text file.
FollowTextLinks.csp 12/8/1999 Follow all the text links on a web page.
ftp.csp 5/23/2000 Control an FTP command window in Windows 95/98.
ftp_nt.csp 5/23/2000 Control an FTP command window in Windows NT/2000.
FtpUploadFolder.csp 1/4/2001 FTP upload all the files in a folder.
GenerateSetFormFields.csp 5/18/2001 Automatically generate SetFormField() code.
HelloWorld.csp 3/18/1999 Very simple script showing the use of the "main" function.
Input.csp 10/21/1999 Use the string returned by the InputString() function.
Log.csp 10/21/1999 Write text to a log file.
RunBackup.csp 9/19/2000 Run Microsoft Backup at night.
Scheduler.csp 2/18/2000 Schedule tasks to run at specific times or dates.
SharewareMultiSearch.csp 10/21/1999 Search multiple shareware web sites at once. Each search opens in a new browser window so the results of each site can be reviewed.
trim.csp 11/6/2000 Trim extra space and tab characters off both ends of a string.
UPSTrack.csp 11/3/2000 Check your UPS shipments.
USPSDeliveryConfirmation.csp 11/1/2000 Check your USPS delivery confirmations.
WebMultiSearch.csp 10/21/1999 Search multiple web sites at once. Each search opens in a new browser window so the results of each site can be reviewed.
Password Tracker Deluxe Sample Script Files
MicrosoftMoney98.csp 10/7/1998 Changes the Microsoft Money 98 file password.
Windows9xLogon.csp 10/7/1998 Changes the Windows 95/98 logon password.
Windows9xScreenSaver.csp 10/7/1998 Changes the Windows 95/98 screen saver password.
WindowsNTLogon.csp 10/21/1998 Changes the Windows NT 4.0 logon password.

How to download a sample script

  1. Select the script file to download.
  2. Select the Save As command on the File menu to save the script file into a folder that contains all of your script files. Remove the extension ".txt" so CLR Script can open the file. The extension ".txt" was added so your browser can download the file correctly. Make sure the file is saved as a Text Document or Text File.
  3. Select your browser's Back button to return to this page.

An alternative way is to right-click on the file name and choose "Save Target As".



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