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Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about CLR Script. If you don't see your answer here, it may be answered on the CLR Software Support Forum.

How do I get my script to run? I keep getting syntax errors on the first line.
The problem is probably that you forgot to put your script statements inside a "main" function. When you select the Run command, the "main" function is called. For an example, view the sample HelloWorld.csp.

How do I figure out the text of a control or window title?
Use the Window Information Finder command on the Tools menu to figure out the text of a control or window. The command displays the text, class name, and id of a control or window.

How do I define variables and assign values to them?
The ability to declare and use variables has been added to CLR Script 1.40. Download and install the current version of CLR Script to use variables. For an example, view the sample Counter.csp.

How do I compare clipboard text to see if the contents are correct?
Use the function GetClipboardText() and compare the text with "==". For example:
if (GetClipboardText() == "HI") MessageBox("HI is on the clipboard", "Clipboard", MB_OK);
This function was added to CLR Script 1.40.

Do you have a version of CLR Script for OS/2?
There are no plans for an OS/2, Unix, Linux, Mac, Palm or Windows CE version. CLR Script only runs under Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP.

Here are some features requested by users:
These requested features are in no particular order: create an exe program, record feature, for loop, simulate a mouse click, goto statement, set environment variables, double type specifier, get operating system version, call external functions, and link to the scripting engine. Join the CLR Script mailing list to be notified when these features are implemented. Register your copy of CLR Script to give your requested feature a higher priority.



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