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Here is a list of program features, built-in functions, statements, type specifiers and operators that are in CLR Script. See the Revision History for a list of when these features were implemented.

Program Features

  • Run scripts from a system tray menu.
  • Run scripts from desktop shortcuts.
  • Run scripts without displaying the progress dialog window, i.e. run hidden.
  • Run scripts without CLR Script installing itself on the computer.
  • Use the Run command to compile and run a script.
  • Use the Compile command to test compile a script.
  • Two compilers are included: a strict version and a lenient version.
  • Use the Window Information Finder command to find the text, class name, and ID of a window or control.
  • Use the Find command to find text within the script file.
  • Use the Replace command to find and replace text within the script file.
  • Use the Font command to adjust the editor window font.
  • Use the Create Desktop Shortcut command to create a desktop shortcut to run a script file.
  • New lines are automatically indented to the previous line.
  • Pressing the tab key with multiple lines selected indents the lines.
  • Pressing the shift+tab keys with multiple lines selected unindents the lines.
  • When opening a script file from the command line, if the file does not exist, you will be asked if you would like to create a new file.
  • When running or compiling, all the modified open files are automatically saved.
  • Read the Tip of the Day when the program starts.
  • Automatically check for an update to the program if you're connected to the Internet.
  • Get help for built-in functions by pressing F1.
  • Context sensitive help for commands.

Main Window


Built-in Functions

AppendFileString append a string to the end of a text file
ASCII convert a character to an ASCII value
atoi convert a string to an integer
BrowseForFolder select a folder name by using the standard Browse for Folder dialog box
BrowserAttachIE* attach to a running instance of Internet Explorer
BrowserClickFormButton* click a form button on a web page
BrowserClose* close a browser window
BrowserFollowTextLink* follow a text hyperlink on a web page
BrowserGetBodyText* get the text on the current web page
BrowserGetFormFields* get the field names on a web page form
BrowserGetFormNames* get the form names on a web page
BrowserGetHtml* get the HTML codes for a web page
BrowserGetLocationURL* get the URL of the current web page
BrowserGetOpenWindowTitles get the titles of all of the open Internet Explorer windows
BrowserGetStatusText* get the status bar text of the browser window
BrowserGetTextLinks* get the link text strings on a web page
BrowserGetTextLinkUrl* get the url of a text link on a web page
BrowserGetTitle* get the title of the current web page
BrowserGoBack* go back to the previous page in a browser window
BrowserIsDocumentComplete* see if the browser window has completely downloaded the current web page
BrowserIsDocumentInteractive* see if the browser window's current web page is ready to be interactive with the user
BrowserLaunchIE* launch Microsoft Internet Explorer in a new browser window
BrowserNavigate* navigate to a specific URL in a browser window
BrowserRefresh* refresh the current web page
BrowserResetForm* reset the values on the active web page form
BrowserSetActiveForm* set a form as active on a web page
BrowserSetForegroundWindow* set the browser window as the foreground window
BrowserSetFormField* set the value of a field on the active web page form
BrowserSetInternetSettings* set various web browser settings
BrowserShowWindow* minimize, maximize or restore the browser window
BrowserSubmitForm* submit the active web page form
BrowserWaitDocumentComplete* wait until the browser window has completely downloaded the current web page
BrowserWaitDocumentInteractive* wait until the browser window's web page is interactive
BrowseURL browse to a URL with the option to open in a new browser window
CheckDlgButton check or un-check a radio button
Chr converts an ASCII value to a character
ClickButton click a button on the foreground window
CloseFile close an opened file
ComboBox_GetCount get the number of list items
ComboBox_GetText get the text of a list item
ComboBox_SelectString select a string in a combo box control
CopyFile copy an existing file to a new file
CopyToClipboard copy text to the clipboard
CreateFile create a new file
CreateFolder create a new folder
CurrentTimeString return the current date and time as a string
DeleteFile delete an existing file
DeleteFolder delete folder
DownloadUrl download a file from the Internet
EmptyClipboard empty the clipboard contents
EnableScreenSaver enable or disable the screen saver
exit stop running the script
ExitWindows shutdown or restart Windows
FileEOF test if the file pointer is at the end of the file
FileExists see if a file exists
FindString find a sub-string in a string
FindWindow see if a window is open
FolderExists see if a folder exists
FtpDelete delete a file using FTP
FtpDownload download a file using FTP
FtpDownloadUrl download a file using FTP
FtpGetFolderListing get the folder listing of an FTP site
FtpGetOpenFileName select an FTP file using a dialog box
FtpRename rename a file using FTP
FtpUpload upload a file using FTP
GetClipboardText get the text on the clipboard
GetDlgItemText get the text of a dialog control
GetEnvironmentVariable get a system wide environment variable
GetFileAttributes get the attributes of a file
GetFileSize get the size of a file
GetFileTimeString get the file time and date as a string
GetFolderListing get a listing of a folder's file names
GetForegroundWindowTitle get the title of the foreground window
GetIPAddress get the ip address of the computer
GetMenuCommandStrings get all the menu command strings
GetMenuState get the state of a menu item
GetOpenFileName select a file name using the standard file open dialog box
GetPixelColor get the color of a pixel on the screen
GetUserName return the name of the current user
InputString enter a string value
IsConnectedToInternet see if you are connected to the Internet
IsDlgButtonChecked see if a dialog check box is checked
IsEmpty see if a string is empty
IsScreenSaverRunning see if the screen saver is running
IsServiceActive see if an NT service is active
itoa convert an integer to a string
LeftString get the left part of a string
ListBox_GetCount get the number of items in a list box control
ListBox_GetText get the text of an item in a list box control
ListBox_SelectString select a string in a list box control
MessageBox display a message box
MidString get the middle part of a string
MoveFile move an existing file to another folder
NetUserChangePassword change a user's password under Windows NT
OpenFile open a file for reading or writing
Pause pause running the script for a certain amount of time
rand generate a pseudorandom number
ReadFileString read a line of text from a file
RegCreateKey create a registry key
RegGetKeyValueInt get an integer registry value
RegGetKeyValueString get a string registry value
RegSetKeyValueInt set an integer registry value
RegSetKeyValueString set a string registry value
RegDeleteKey delete a registry key
RegDeleteKeyValue delete a registry key value
ReplaceString replace instances of a sub-string with another string within a string
RightString get the right part of a string
Run run a program or shortcut
RunWait run a program and wait for the program to close before continuing
SendKeys send keystrokes as if they were typed with the keyboard
SetDefaultPrinter set the default printer
SetDlgItemText set the text of a dialog edit box
SetFileAttributes set a file's attributes
SetForegroundWindow set the foreground window
SetForegroundWindowTitleSub set the foreground window to the window that contains the specified text in the title
SendMailMapi send an e-mail using MAPI
SetRunningScriptWindow set the properties of the Running Script window
SetSystemTime set the computer system time
SetWaitIncrement set the wait time slice for the wait functions
StopScreenSaver stop a screen saver if it's running
strlen get the length of a string
strlwr convert a string to lower case
strupr convert a string to upper case
VerifyActiveMDIWindowTitle verify that the active multiple document interface (MDI) window contains the specified text
VerifyActiveWindowText verify that the active window contains the specified text
VerifyActiveWindowTitle verify that the active window title bar matches exactly the specified text
VerifyActiveWindowTitleSub verify that the active window title bar contains the specified text
WaitWindowClosed wait until a window closes
WaitWindowTitleVisible wait until a window becomes visible
WriteFileString write a string to a file

* The browser functions are currently only available for Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 and above.



#include include another script file
#strict turn the strict compiler option on or off
break break out of a loop
if - else control conditional branching
repeat loop a specified number of times
return return a value from a function
while loop until the condition is false


Type Specifiers

HBROWSER handle to a browser window
HFILE handle to a file
HKEY handle to a registry key
int integer
string string
void no value



+ addition; concatenate two strings
- subtraction, negation
* multiplication
/ division
% remainder
& bitwise and
| bitwise or
&& logical and
|| logical or
! logical not
== equals; strings are exactly the same
!= not equal; strings are not exactly the same
< less than
<= less than or equal
> greater than
>= greater than or equal


CLR Script requires Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 or XP to run.

CLR Script is Shareware. Unregistered users are granted a limited license to evaluate CLR Script for 30 days. Please read the License Agreement and Registration Information in the program's help.


Copyright 1999-2011 Carl L. Roth. All rights reserved.
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