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CLR Tabs To Spaces

CLR Web Site Uploader

Password Tracker Deluxe

Download the following script files to log onto your favorite web sites. These scripts can be used by themselves or with Password Tracker Deluxe. See below for instructions on using these script files.

File Name Date Description
CommissionJunction.csp 2/6/2001
Commission Junction account 
eBay.csp 12/15/1999
eBay account  Click her for your favorite eBay items
Half.csp 2/9/2001 account & sell books music movies games
Hotmail.csp 4/23/2004 Hotmail account
ItPaysToLearn.csp 3/8/2001 ItPaysToLearn account (Thanks Rob)
LinkShare.csp 3/22/2001
LinkShare account 
LuckySurf.csp 2/9/2001
Play LuckySurf
PayPal.csp 5/23/2001
PayPal account  Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
Resource-A-Day.csp 10/4/2001 Resource-A-Day member area
RefRewards.csp 4/28/2001 RefRewards member area
Spun.csp 6/8/2001 Spun account
Top50.csp 3/10/2001 account 
WonderClick.csp 2/13/2001 WonderClick account
YahooMail.csp 4/14/2000 Yahoo Mail (Thanks Dave)
zWallet.csp 4/28/2001 Log onto your zWallet account and check for mail

If you don't see your favorite web site listed, send me an e-mail. I'll try and add the web site to the list.

All these script files require the BrowserLib.csp browser library file. Download a copy of the latest browser library and save it in the same folder as the logon script files.

CLR Script Instructions

  1. Download the sample script file.
  2. Open the sample with the CLR Script editor.
  3. Change the "sUserName" and "sPassword" string values located near the top of the script file.
  4. Run the script file.
  5. If the script file runs correctly, you can add a desktop shortcut or CLR Script Launcher menu item.

Password Tracker Deluxe Instructions

The Password Tracker Deluxe logon scripts require version 3.61 or above. Click here to download the latest version.

  1. Download the sample script file.
  2. Create or edit the P-Track associated with the web site. Be sure to enter the correct user name and password.
  3. For the send keystroke sequence, enter the following custom code:
    {scriptfile filename} where filename is the exact path to the sample script file. For example: {scriptfile c:\program files\password tracker deluxe\program\paypal.csp}.
  4. For the play back window, enter a "*" (don't include the quote marks, just the asterisk).
  5. Save the P-Track properties.
  6. Send the P-Track.

How to download a sample script

  1. Select the script file to download.
  2. Select the Save As command on the File menu to save the script file into a folder that contains all of your script files. Remove the extension ".txt" so CLR Script can open the file. The extension ".txt" was added so your browser can download the file correctly. Make sure the file is saved as a Text Document or Text File.
  3. Select your browser's Back button to return to this page.

An alternative way is to right-click on the file name and choose "Save Target As".



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