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The program CLR Script™ automates common Windows tasks by using script files. Using a 'C' like language, powerful script programs can be written.

Here are a few ideas of how you can use CLR Script:

  • Perform multiple tasks with a single command. For example, when connecting to the Internet, the tasks can be: dial-up an Internet connection, launch your e-mail program, check for new mail, and launch your browser to a specific page.
  • Log onto your favorite web sites with a single click.*
  • Open a series of web pages in new browser windows.
  • Automate visiting web pages by navigating to web sites, clicking on links, and filling out forms.*
  • Automate software testing.
  • Automate configuring computers.
  • Launch programs from a system tray menu.
  • Launch scripts at specific times.
  • Perform special tasks based on who logs onto Windows.
  • Speed up the time it takes for Windows to start up. When Windows starts up, start programs in a specified order of importance and delay loading less needed programs.
  • Add scripting capabilities to Password Tracker Deluxe. Click here for details.

Download CLR Script Version 1.62 today!

The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software For the month of January 2001, CLR Script was the Featured Program in the Macros & Automation section on TUCOWS.
Dave Central On March 12, 1999, CLR Script was the What's New program of the day on Dave Central.

* The browser functions are currently only available for Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 and above.



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