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Registered users of CLR Web Site Uploader receive the following benefits:
  1. Free minor updates via download from the web site or $5.00 US for updates on diskette sent via mail.
  2. 1 year of product support via e-mail and postal mail from the date of registration. Unregistered users may not receive a response from their support questions.
  3. A say in what CLR Web Site Uploader can do. You are encouraged to let me know what new features you would like to see.
  4. Your registration will ensure continued enhancements to CLR Web Site Uploader.

To register your copy of online CLR Web Site Uploader with your credit card, click on the Register Now! button. Register Now is a secure Internet commerce site that accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover (Novus), American Express and Eurocard. Please note that residents of the following states (Washington, Minnesota, Connecticut) may be subject to local sales tax.

To register by mail, fill out and send in the registration form located in the program's help along with your payment of $10.00. Payment must be in US funds drawn from a US bank.

After your payment has been received and approved, you will be e-mailed your registration code within 2 business days.



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